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About Najo Fit Diet Clinic

The word Najo is a derivative word of “Nazo”, in the Pashto origin, means someone who is whimsical and beautiful. It’s the name of a famous Pashtun female poet of 18th century. Najo also means “Name of a Tree” in Urdu. Trees that rejuvenates life.

Dt. Namrata has acculturated experience in this upraising industry for past 12 years from various Multi Specialty and Core Specialty hospitals of the country. She is privileged to convocate her professional degrees from various reputed universities; She has done her post graduate diploma, Bsc, Msc in food and nutrition. Post compilation she did her internship from a well known hospital at the city of temples and eastern medical hub, Bhubaneswar. Under this flagship hospital she had the opportunity to impart her professional knowledge and accumulated the experience and served various categories of intensive patients. Her passion towards Food and Nutrition and her deep love for clinical nutrition has acculturated thorough knowledge of diets planning for Diabetic type 1&2 ,

pre- diabetic, heart (cardiac), high uric acid, kidney patients ( including post transplant or dialysis ),  blood pressure, PCOS, Thyroid ,Pediatric, high cholesterol, hyperthyroidism, iron-deficiency, vitamin deficiencies , Post Surgery , ICU care patients etc. Further leading ahead she was provided with the opportunity to lead a team as a clinical nutritionist (HOD) in an upcoming medical facility wherein she got the opportunity to design and implement major aspects of dietetics and F&B. She is an active member of IDA and IAPEN and presently she is associated with a world leading weight loss program institution as Chief Dietician.

Dt. Namrata has rendered her professional consultation and served more than 6000 various diseases patients during her professional career and at present pursuing her key specialty in clinical & weight loss. She has extensive experience of handling individuals who desire to lose weight and having other associated problems. Her endeavors are majorly focused towards providing the scientifically proven diet therapy for weight & disease management.

“Having lived and worked in 3 different continents, her thoughts and understanding about the nutritional problems faced by Indians and other Asians countries citizens living abroad with different cultures and perceived dietary habits has been her major concern. To bridge this gap of different dietary challenges which include – finding a certified dietitian with understanding of multi cultural diet is one of her goals.